Low Places Country Dance Club opened in 1994 and over the years has set the new standard for entertainment in Lancaster. In fact, The Country Club has brought more national Country Stars to Lancaster than any other club in recent memory.. and they just keep on coming.

Among those partying at Low Places to date are Trailer Choir,...

With its friendly and professional staff, live Dj every night, and lots of space to party, Low Places rises above and beyond the expectations of "just another nightclub." The Low Places dedicated fans have stated it is the best country night club in Lancaster. Those very fans are the reason Low Places has become the No. 1 place to party in the Lancaster for Country Music.

To help its guests enjoy Low Places Country Line dancing, line dancing lessons are taught Thursdays on the Lancaster’s biggest & best dance floor. Make sure you check the website weekly and sign up for our newsletter. This way you’ll know when we have special events and concerts.